About us

IVT, Italian Vacuum Technology S.r.l., has been established in January 1999 to give an accurate, fast service and setting-up of vacuum equipments, keeping an high quality standard.

IVT uses original spare parts to repair products, that are tested on a bench-blasing machine, ventilated dexk and tank to recover polluted substances. IVT is doing this in respect of all ecological rules.

VT engineers, coming from BOC Edwards S.p.A. (Italy), have a 10 year experience on repairs. They have diversified their activity, being capable to project and build special vacuum units that are fully assembled in the company's workshop equipped with adequate tools.

IVT is willing to implement theese new possibilities: customers can 'suggest his solutions about' machines, even prototypes, that are not easily/usually supplied by major companies.

IVT is a young company looking at the future, equipped with modern technology/information means to operate quickly and in safe conditions in order to better meet customer' s requirements.


Ventilated desk, decontamination unit, sand blasting machine



Test bench - test of a IQDP80/QMB500 pumping system, employed by semicon industry and EH2600 roots employed by chemical industry